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The Sewickley Heights History Center is committed to preserving the natural beauty of Sewickley Heights and maintaining its historical integrity.

The area grew during the industrial revolution when Pittsburgh’s steel industry was in its infancy. At that time, most industrialists and business leaders lived in a community called Old Allegheny, which was a separate city across the river from Pittsburgh. The homes there were comfortable and handsome, but the proximity to the city’s pollution prompted residents to choose Sewickley for their summer residences.



The 1900’s through the 1920’s was a fascinating time. Many exquisite mansions were built then and although they were referred to as “cottages”, similar to those found in Watch Hill, Newport and Southampton, they were actually elaborately named working farms accompanied by a myriad of servants. Stonewalls, gatehouses, formal gardens, tennis courts and swimming pools were among their many features.

The relocation of Allegheny Country Club (founded in 1895) from Old Allegheny to Sewickley Heights, further boosted the area’s popularity. During this time, wonderful traditions such as the Horse Show and the Riding and Driving Party were established.


One can only imagine the wild social affairs of the time. Sewickley Heights has always been a special place to live: “magnificent enough to inspire you, yet peaceful enough to relax you.” We celebrate our history, so please enjoy our Center.

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